Summary of the project

The research project is primarily aimed at the synthesis of new
azasteroids derivatives through conventional and unconventional
methods, using microwave and ultrasound technology. It will be
obtained new azasteroids which demonstrates potential applications for
medicine. Thus, it will be studied the biological activity (anticancer,
antibacterial and antifungal activity) of the new obtained compounds.
Also, will be obtained new materials with azaheterocyclic skeleton of
interest for optoelectronics (OLED) through various reactions. It will be
elaborated environmentally friendly methods using microwave and
ultrasound energy. The synthesis of new azasteroids structures
containing azaheterocyclic skeleton by Heck, Suzuki and Sonogashira
cross coupling reactions, will be done. Structural characterization of
newly compounds using modern and specific techniques: elemental
analysis, chemical and spectral analysis: IR, UV-Vis, NMR, MS, X-ray, will
be done.
The proposal has several elements of originality, having in view
obtaining of new compounds/materials, elaboration of new
experimental setup methods (using microwave and ultrasound
technology) and/or adaptation of the existing one, new contribution to
the already existing approaches / theories, bringing thus significant
contribution to the fundamental research. Also, the results of research
could have potential applications: in the field of optoelectronic and in
the field of pharmaceutical industry.