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Citisenship:  Romanian
Birth Date: July, 06, 1964, CIORTESTI village, district of IASI, Romania.
Position and degree hold: Professor, Ph-D
Address(mailing): Professor  Ionel   MANGALAGIU,  “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi, Faculty of Chemistry, B-dul Carol, No.11, 700506 IASI, ROMANIA
Fax + (40)+ 232 201313, Phone + (40)+ 232 201343.
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Language skills:  English- very good; French- good

 Didactic and Scientific Background

Beginning with the academic year 1995- 1996 I’m teaching the following courses:

  1. Relation between Structure anb Biological Activity of the Organic Compounds (at the 3rd year Biochemistry Section and Master students).
  2. Natural Products (at the 4th year of Chemistry Section and year  Biochemistry Section).
  3. Organic Chemistry I (at the 2nd year of Chemistry Section).
  4. Amphionic Compouds (Master)
  5. Microwave and Ultrasounds Assisted Reactions (Doctoral School).
  6. Drug Design (Master).

Main field of research is focused on Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, with three area of expertise:

  1. Chemistry and Health: Nitrogen Heterocycles Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry;
  2. Chemistry and Nanoscience: Nitrogen and/or Oxygen Macrocycles, Supramolecular Chemistry;
  3. Chemistry and Sustainable Development: Eco-friendly Reactions using Microwave and Ultrasounds Assisted Reactions.

Inside of these areas the following main aspects are followed:

  1. Chemistry and Health: the development of new useful reactions for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, and in particular, reactions involving reactive species such as cycloimmoniu ylides. The main outcomes of these directions are: new nanobiomaterials with and without nitrogen heterocycle moieties, new nitrogen heterocycles biologically active [potentials drugs (anticancer, anti-HIV, antituberculosis, antimicrobials) and grow up factors for agriculture], modified oligo- and poli- peptides (including anti- Alzheimer), etc.;
  2. Chemistry and Nanoscience: in this field our efforts are orientated in the arrea of oxa- and oxaaza- coronands, nano-electronics and nano-devices, nanobiomaterials (for dentistry including), new highly fluorescent materials, chemical captors (chemosensors);
  3. Chemistry and Sustainable Development: microwave and ultrasounds assisted reactions; these technologies allow us to develop environmental friendly methods, with lower waste and environmental friendly impact [“green” chemistry];

Keywords: heterocycles, diazine, ylides, oxa- oxaaza- coronands, microwave, ultrasounds, cycloadditions, fluorescent materials, nanobiomaterials, antituberculosis, antimicrobials, anticancer, anti-HIV, nano-electronics and nano-devices (logic gates, chemosensors), organic and medicinal chemistry, microwave, ultrasounds, nano-electronics and nano-devices; “green” chemistry.

Significant Results:

Present research team: 4 postdocs, 5 pH-D students, 8 master and graduating students;

16 Ph-D students finished their thesis under my supervision:

Foreign doctoral researchers in my labs:

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Total scientifically papers: over 200, from which:

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Invited Speaker to foreign universities: 8;

Invited Plenary lectures (representative)- over 20;

Patents: 14;

 International grants grants as director. Total number – 4

National grants as director. Total number – 17

January 2023

Prof. dr. Ionel Mangalagiu