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  • Identifying information
  • Project Title: New imidazole derivatives – from ionic liquids to N-heterocyclic carbenes – with potential practical applications ,

    UEFISCDI code: PN-II-RU-TE-2011-3-0010 ,
    Period: October 5th 2011 – October 4th 2014 ,

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    2011 (lei)

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  • Research team

    Project leader: Lecturer PhD Costel Moldoveanu

    Young researcher: Lecturer PhD Gheorghita Zbancioc

    Young researcher: PhD Dorina Mantu

    PhD student: Asisting professor PhD student Dan Maftei

    PhD student: Asisting professor PhD student Dan Astefanei

    Master Student: Ioana Stoian

  • Resources

    Research Laboratories : Our team have a lab for microwave and ultrasound assisted reactions and one laboratory for research in the field of fine organic syntheses and nitrogen heterocyclic syntheses. Labs are equipped with all the necessary “small” equipment: heaters, stirrers, nitrogen and argon tanks, rotary evaporator devices, vacuum pumps, etc., including necessary infrastructure for each lab (hoods, work tables, etc).

    Computers and accessories: computers PIII and PIV (with licence for soft), scanners, printers, copy machines, UPS systems, etc

    Literature resources: we have full time access, through the faculty library, to the following literature resources: Beilstein H, E I – E V; Houben-Weyl – Methoden der Organischen Chemie; Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry vol 1 – 54; Rood’s Chemistry, full edition; complete edition of Chemical Abstract; hard copy edition of the most important chemistry journals are available to faculty library; electronic sources of information: Current Contents On Diskette and CD-ROM, full access to data bases that are free on the internet .

    Common Equipment existent in the Faculty of Chemistry , with open access:

    Mass Spectrometer coupled with Gas Chromatograph SHIMADZU QP 2010; Spectrophotometer FTIR 8400s / IR-Prestige – 21 – Shimandzu; BANDELIN Sonoplus HD3200 Ultrasonic homogenizer; Ultrasound reactor SONICS VCX-130 ; Freeze dryer ALPHA 1-2 LD Plus – Christ;

    Cooling device with recirculation LAUDA VKL 600 – Bandelin; Spectrophotometer UV Shimandzu, UV-1800; Turner Biosystem Fluorimeter; NMR Spectrometer Bruker AC-250 and Bruker AW-80;

    Equipment to be acquired : Rotaevaporatory complete (with vacuum pump, solvents trap, vacumeter); Refractive index refractometer; Conductivity/ Resistivity/ TDS Meter; Oven with natural convection; High Vacuum Pump; Vacuum drying oven.

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