Project description

  • Objectives

    As we already argue in the chapter method and approach, imidazole derivatives are a top and widely discussed one in modern science. The proposal have several elements of originality, having in view obtaining of new ionic liquids, elaboration of new experimental methods and/or adaptation of the existing one, new contribution to the already existing approaches / theories / methods, etc., bringing thus significant contribution to the fundamental research. Also, the results of research could have potential applications: in the field of electronic and optoelectronic, in the field of cellulose industry and in the field of pharmaceutical because of possible application of such compounds. In this respect, we have in view the following major objectives:

    O1. Design and synthesis of new N1-alkylated imidazole derivatives;

    O2. Design and synthesis of new imidazolium salts (by quaternization of the N3 of imidazole derivatives);

    O3. Cycloaddition reactions of imidazolium salts with activated alkynes and alkenes under classical heating;

    O4. Cycloaddition reactions of imidazolium salts with activated alkynes and alkenes under ultrasound irradiation;

    O5. Synthesis of new imidazolium hexafluorophosphates as potential ionic liquids by anion methatesis;

    O6. Design and synthesis of bis-imidazole derivatives with saturated spacers;

    O7. Design and synthesis of bis-imidazole derivatives with aromatic spacers;

    O8. Design and synthesis of macrocycles with imidazole skeleton;

    O9. Design and synthesis of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes derived from imidazole;

    O10. Increasing my skills and abilities of research and of the young Ph-D involved in the project;

    O11. To establish new collaboration relationship with partners from inside and outside of Romania those are working in the related fields.

    Elements of originality:

    • Elaboration of new environmentally friendly methods of work, using ultrasound energy;
    • The synthesis of new imidazole based ionic liquids as alternative solvents in environmental protection by replacement of volatile organic compounds;
    • Obtaining of new imidazole derivatives with possible application in electronic, cellulose and pharmaceutical industry, due to their properties;

    All these issues are measurable and could be easy monitoring (see on the next chapter).

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